Manfred Mohr

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Manfred Mohr is a digital art pioneer. He started out as an action painter and jazz musician, but later on began working with computers when he became interested in creating algorithmic art. In his early years, he discovered Prof. Max Bense’s information aesthetics and his artistic thinking was radically changed. In 1967 he met Pierre Barbaud, a computer music composer whom he was encouraged and inspired by.

Because he was a musician, his early computer work retained a strong musical influence.His first works of art were originally abstract expressionism, which later transformed to computer generated algorithmic geometry. Today, his works include fractured projections of n-dimensional hypercubes.

He has solo exhibitions in cities such as New York, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris, and his work can be found at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Joseph Albers Museum, the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, and many others throughout Europe and Canada.


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