Kate Moross

In Uncategorized on September 29, 2011 at 7:55 pm

Kate Moross is a 25 year old designer and illustrator who specializes in design and art direction for the music industry. She has done a nationwide billboard campaign for Cardburys and a signature clothing range for Topshop. She has also designed magazine covers, album covers, tee-shirts and advertisements (she has my dream job!). She has mentioned before that she loves three sided shapes, illegible typography, and freedom lettering. She also owns and runs a Vinyl only record label, Isomorph records, who she created to further explore the relationship between design and music. She is now based in London and has worked with record labels.

After looking through her website at all her works, I must say that she is my favorite artist so far. And also an inspiration. She is only 25 years old, and even though she went to UAL and I’m going to West Chester, it gives me hope that someday I can really get somewhere with my designs. Apart from this, her work is absolutely awesome. I have definitely seen posters and CD’s that look like her work, from the city to TV, to movies. Her work especially reminds me of the Katy Perry album cover and booklet (the typography and colors), as well as some of the works of Neville Brody. Her use of type is fantastical, and I am a sucker for good colors too. I would buy any of her shirts or posters in a heartbeat. Her art is really eye-catching, very interesting and has an indie look to it.


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