David Em

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David Em is an American electronic artist. His work spans multiple media, including all-electronic virtual worlds, filmmaking, photography, and printmaking. He has also worked with live performance and theater.

He was born in Los Angeles in 1952 and grew up in Colombia, Venezuela, and Argentina (something that I find very cool since I am from there). He studied painting at the Pennsylvania Academy in Philadelphia, interdisciplinary art at Goddard College, and film directing at the American Film Institute in Hollywood.

In the 1970’s he began to produce digital art. In 1976, he made an articulated 3D digital insect at Information International, Inc, and it was actually the first 3D character created by a fine artist; it could walk, jump, and fly. He was also the first to produce a navigable virtual world at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. After working for the California Institute of Technology and Apple Computer, he decided to create art on his own, and has been doing so since the early nineties.

His work has been featured in many publications, including SmithsonianNewsweekDer Spiegel, and the textbook Gardner’s Art Through the Ages and has been exhibited in museums in the US, Europe, and Japan. He currently  lives in Sierra Madre, California with his wife Michele and son Griffin.

His artwork has a surrealist and abstract feel to it, and a lot of it is non-objective. It’s not my favorite, just because it is not something that holds my attention for very long…I look at it, think “Oh, that’s cool!” but that’s about it. It has too much of a sci-fi look to it. It’s interesting though, and respect it because it doesn’t look like it is easy to make.


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