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Part Two Website Review

In Uncategorized on December 6, 2011 at 3:50 am

Britt’s second part of the project is awesome. I love it. I love how she used American Typewriter, or something close to it at least. It’s very retro and the graphics and pictures are funny. I also really like how there is a pink period after every different section of his biography. The hearts at the top are also funny. I like the colors in the early life section, and I like how she calls him “Nugget Joi” and points to his picture. Although Times New Roman isn’t my favorite font, I think because her page is kind of chaotic with all the clashing elements, it works. The “Education” section is also funny, and consistent with the other pages, because it contains bright colors and hearts. I love the picture too. Brittany pokes fun at everyday things, which makes it easier for the reader to relate and connect. The last section “Other Ish” is also very clever and comical. Again, it connects with the other pages because it has the same elements. The bright colors are awesome and on this one I particularly like how she edited the photo of him.


Part One Website Review

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Courtney’s website is well designed. I really like how she did a column on the side with the two lines in front of each point. I also love how when you roll over the points they become highlighted. It is very clean and easy to read. I like how “Home”, “Exercises” and “Lev Manovich” are bold. It creates a good sense of hierarchy. I do wish that she would have used another font though. I can tell by the way she designed this that she knows a lot more html than me, so why not try a different font? The colors also kind of bug me. They are too muted, and I think she could have a wider variety…more than the only three that she has. Also, I think an image in that big blank space she has would work very well. The color is nice but I feel like it’s too much empty space, and it takes away from the well designed column that she has. Overall though, I like it.

As for the first part of the project, I like it as well. I love the picture at the top and how it runs horizontally. It helps keeps things together and doesn’t break anything apart. I also really like how his name, Lev Manovich, is aligned to the right. I am not sure that it works in the real world because of how easy it is to read, or get your eye there in the first place, but I like it for this. I also like how the paragraphs are separated by a space because then nothing is too tight and it is easier to read.