Part One Website Review

In Uncategorized on December 6, 2011 at 3:49 am

Courtney’s website is well designed. I really like how she did a column on the side with the two lines in front of each point. I also love how when you roll over the points they become highlighted. It is very clean and easy to read. I like how “Home”, “Exercises” and “Lev Manovich” are bold. It creates a good sense of hierarchy. I do wish that she would have used another font though. I can tell by the way she designed this that she knows a lot more html than me, so why not try a different font? The colors also kind of bug me. They are too muted, and I think she could have a wider variety…more than the only three that she has. Also, I think an image in that big blank space she has would work very well. The color is nice but I feel like it’s too much empty space, and it takes away from the well designed column that she has. Overall though, I like it.

As for the first part of the project, I like it as well. I love the picture at the top and how it runs horizontally. It helps keeps things together and doesn’t break anything apart. I also really like how his name, Lev Manovich, is aligned to the right. I am not sure that it works in the real world because of how easy it is to read, or get your eye there in the first place, but I like it for this. I also like how the paragraphs are separated by a space because then nothing is too tight and it is easier to read.


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